Penelope Thompson - World Peace Production Room

photos of Penelope Thompson's community art project, World Peace Production Room in Korea, 2004-2006
Penelope Thompson is an Australian contemporary artist currently living in Korea. Her work includes outdoor and indoor installation art , performance art , and interactive community art events.

Community Art for making world peace

In 2004 , Penelope was invited to the Chilwon middle school in rural Korea as the first foreign visitor and the first visiting artist to the school. 'World Peace Production Room' was devised as an exercise in co-operation for the Korean schoolchildren, and the project has been ongoing ever since, sometimes known now as 'Making World Peace'.

photo of 2 Korean women knitting the world peace scarf, 2006
This art event is like an interactive piece of community theatre where participants of all ages can get involved in creating a knitted scarf symbolising world peace. This event has been held in many different cities in Korea and Japan since 2004, with the 'world peace' scarf growing bigger all the time. The "World Peace Production Room" project will not be finished until the 'world peace' scarf can reach around the entire world - a length of 40,076 kilometers!
<img alt="Still from video - showing artist holding world peace scarf" src="../images/world-peace.jpg" width= "200" height= "131"/>

Click on the video player at right to watch a video of the very first 'World Peace Production Room' in 2004.

photo of Penelope Thompson holding the world peace scarf in Busan, Korea, 2005Please feel free to contact the artist via email if you are interested in having the 'World Peace Production Room' visit your location.

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Links to other performances of the World Peace project

posted 13/08/2009 by Penelope Thompson
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