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About the Artist

Penelope Thompson is an Australian contemporary artist who who has exhibited and/or performed in many countries including Australia, Korea, Japan, USA and Canada. Her work includes outdoor and indoor installation art , performance art , interactive community art events as well as other more conventional art forms such as painting, sculpture and photography. She grew up in Wagga Wagga, NSW, where she began her art studies in photography and printmaking in 1983 at Riverina College of Advanced Education. After that time Penelope lived in various parts of Australia, England and Spain.

Penelope has been involved in numerous art, theatre, music and video projects in Australia since the early 1980's, and after completing a degree in Visual Art in 2000 from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, she moved to Korea. She now works as an artist and university lecturer, and also writes regular articles about contemporary art events in Korea.
The themes of Penelope’s artwork often involve explorations of social and philosophical issues such as women's body image and identity, notions of impermanence, the nature of human creativity and our relation to the natural environment.

Curriculum Vitae

Family name: THOMPSON
Given name: PENELOPE
Date of Birth : 1964 / 05 / 13
Nationality : Australian/ UK
Gender : Female
Postal Address : Penelope Thompson, C 105, C building, Hongik University, Sangsu-dong 72-1, Mapo-gu, Seoul City, 121-791. Republic of KOREA
Email : thompson_penny AT Click here to send an email


1983/84 - R.C.A.E., Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. Studies in Diploma of Visual Arts
1987 - Adelaide T.A.F.E., South Australia. Certificate of Theatre Arts
1990 - G.C.I.T. , Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Certificate of Instructional Skills
1994 - Noarlunga T.A.F.E., South Australia. Certificate of Contemporary Music
1997- 1999 University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. Bachelor of Visual Art and Design
2006 - University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Graduate Certificate of TESL
2008 - University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Masters degree in Education.


Solo Exhibitions
1998 - MCU, Maleny, Qld., Australia. Solo exhibition paintings and photography.

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions
2004 - Feb. ‘Reflective Light’ International Artist’s group exhibition (Opening performance and installation - ‘Portrait of a foreign artist in Korea’), Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 - May ‘The Beautiful Changwon Tree’ community installation and performance, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 - July. “IDEAL” international group exhibition (Opening performance and installation - ‘Anonymous White Woman’) Okubo Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan.

2004 - September “International Image” exhibition, BFAA, (Installation ‘Anonymous white woman’) Busan City Hall Gallery, Busan, Korea.
2005 - May “Transition” Boomerang International Artists group exhibition (installation – ‘Made in Korea’), In Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
2005 - Aug. “Black Hole” Boomerang International Artists (video installation) Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2005 - Dec. KEAF, (video installation) Club Tool, Seoul, Korea.

2006 - Jan. “Images of Korean Women” (video installation), Regional Gallery, Grand Forks, BC, Canada.
2006 - March “Canadian Survival Apron” installation, Provincial Spirit International exhibition, Grand Forks Regional Gallery, B.C., Canada.
2006 - May "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, Tinhorn Creek Estate Art Exhibition, Oliver, B.C. Canada.
2006 - August "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, Artswells Exhibition, Wells, B.C. Canada. 2006 - August "Raintrees" and "Dreamweaver" installations, Jeju Installation Art Festival, Jeju Island, Korea.
2006 - August "Book of Bright Ideas" installation, BFAA International Exhibition, Citizen's Hall Gallery, Busan, Korea.
2006 - September "Book of Bright Ideas" installation, Books '06 Exhibition, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia.

2007 - June "Canadian Survival Apron" installation, International Spirit Apron Exhibition, Eumundi, Queensland, Australia
2007 - Aug - Sept "Treasure"-an artist's book, BOOKS 07 exhibition, Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia.

2008 - April "Canadian survival apron" Upfront Aprons exhibition, Upfront Club, Maleny, Qld, Australia.

2009 – July “Interchange” installation, Matsushiro Contemporary Arts festival, Nagano, Japan.

Recent Performances

2004 – Feb. ‘Portrait of a foreign artist in Korea’, Reflective Light, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 – April. “Beautiful Changwon Tree”, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea.
2004 - July. ‘Anonymous White Woman’, opening of “IDEAL”, Okubo Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan.
2004 - July ‘Anonymous White Woman’, BIPAF, Hyundai Theatre, Bucheon, Korea.
2004 - August “Return of the Sea Goddess”, Busan Sea Festival, Gwangali Beach, Busan, Korea.
2004 - August ‘Anonymous White Woman’ KIPAF, Jikjisa Culture Park, Gimcheon, Korea.
2004 - August ‘Anonymous white woman’, Samcheonpo International Open Air Arts Festival, Sacheon, Korea.
2004 - August ‘Anonymous white woman’, JUMF, Juan Station, Incheon, Korea.
2004 - Dec “Making world peace”, Chilwon Middle school, Chilwon, Korea.

2005 - Jan ‘Strands of Life’, Wayguks –the art of foreigners, Naewoedong Cultural Centre, Gimhae, Korea.
2005 - Jan ‘Strands of Life’, Boomerang International Group, Montmartre Gallery, Haeundae, Busan, Korea.
2005 - July “Making World peace”, BFAA International Festival, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan, Korea.
2005 - July “The Beauty Myth”, BIPAF, Bucheon Station Shopping Mall, Bucheon, Korea.
2005 - August ‘Making world peace’, Dalmaji Philosophy Festival, Dalmaji Park, Busan, Korea.
2005 - August “Making World peace”, DIPAF, Yeolrin Art Hall, Ansan, Korea.
2005 - Sept “World Peace Production Room”, 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival, Banweol Art Hall, Pocheon, Korea.
2005 - Oct “Great Australian Tea Ceremony” Arirang World Festival, Jeongsong, Korea.
2005 - Oct “Fly Away” Wangsan Performing Arts Festival, Gangneung, Korea.
2005 - Dec. “The Beauty Myth” K.E.A.F., Club SAAB, Seoul, Korea.

2006 - March “The Canadian Survival Apron” performance, Grand Forks Regional Gallery, B.C., Canada.
2006 - March “Enlightenment” performance, opening of ‘Move on Asia - Clash and Network’, LOOP Alternative Space, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea.
2006 - April “In and Out” and “Enlightenment”, Jeonju International Performance Art Festival (JIPAF 2006), Gaeksa and Wansan Cultural Center, Jeonju.
2006 - April “Penny’s World Peace Production Workshop” full day community art event, Hangang Flower Festival, Seoul.
2006 - July "The Great Australian Tea Ceremony" and "Illusions" Mokpo Madangkuk Festival 2006, Jeolla province, Korea.
2006 - August "The Elements" Goryeong International Performance Art Festival, Goryeong, Gyeongsangbukdo, Korea.
2006 - December "Here and Now" opening performance for "One Art Street" exhibition, Baeksan Memorial Hall, Busan, Korea.

2007 - June "Lake of Dreams" 'Right time, right place' performance festival, Goryeong, Korea.
2007 - Sept. "The Beauty Myth #3", Chungju International Performance Art Festival, Chungju City, Korea.
2007 - Oct. "The Beauty Myth #4",opening performance for Goyang International Open Air Sculpture Symposium, Goyang City, Korea.
2007- Oct. "The Elements #2" Goryeong International Performance Art Festival, Goryeong, Korea.
2007 – Dec “Portrait of a foreign artist in Korea, 2007” opening performance, I.C.C. international exhibition, Bukgu Culture & Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea.

2008 – Oct "Here and Now” opening performance for the Korea Contemporary Art '1000 artists” exhibition, Danwon Arts Center, Ansan, Korea

2009 - April "Flower Power" performances, Various Integrative Arts Festival (VIAF 2009), Yeouido, Seoul.
2009 - May "Spring Play" performance, "The Elements #3" performance, Jeonju International Performance Art Festival, (JIPAF 2009) Jeonju, Korea.
2009 - May " Making World Peace" performances and workshops, Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Korea.
2009 – July “Making World peace” performance, Art_plus-jp performance art event, Matsumoto City Art Museum, Japan.
2009 – July “Interchange” performance, Matsushiro Contemporary Arts festival, Nagano, Japan.

Other Arts Activities:

1996 -1999 Artist for Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Eudlo, Queensland, Australia.
1999 - Assistant artist Asia Pacific Triennial (AP3), Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.
1998 - 2000 Creative arts workshop facilitator, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
1998 – 2000 Musician, composer and arranger in folk and world music styles, Queensland.
1998 – 2000 Singing teacher and workshop facilitator – Maleny, Queensland, Australia.
2000 - Arts worker, Woodford Festival Visual arts section, Woodford, Queensland, Australia.
2004 - Performance art project advisor, Dongju College, Busan, Korea.
2005 - Invited guest on Arirang TV, “Heart to Heart” program, Dec 20, 2005, Seoul, Korea.
2007 - 2008 - Arts columnist for Korea Herald national newspaper, Seoul, Korea.
2008 - ongoing - creator of Art-n-about in Seoul - art events in Korea blog.
2009 - Arts writer for 'Visit Seoul' website, Seoul City Government.
2009 - Invited participant to Nam June Paik Arts Center cultural blogger forum, Yongin City, Korea.
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Recent and Upcoming art events

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