Penelope Thompson - Installation Art

photos of various Penelope Thompson installations, 2004-2006
Penelope Thompson is an Australian contemporary artist working internationally. Her work includes outdoor and indoor installation art , performance art, and interactive community art events.

About Installation Art

Installation art is usually a temporary art form, where the artist constructs or arranges objects and various media such as video, music, sculptural pieces, textiles etc. in a gallery, public place or outdoor setting. The aim is to provide the viewer with a special, often multi-sensory, experience in the particular space, such as Thompson's outdoor installation artworks on Jeju Island, Korea.

photo of apron installation in Grand Forks gallery, Canada, 2006. Penelope's indoor art installations include 'artists' books' such as 'The Book of Bright Ideas' 2006, - constructed from electric light and paper, and 'Treasure'. The 'Canadian Survival Apron' (see photo right) was made by the artist during a trip to Canada in February 2006. This work is now part of a large ongoing international travelling 'apron art' exhibition, that has been shown so far in various galleries across Korea, Canada and Australia.

Earlier works include a community 'wishing tree' called 'The Beautiful Changwon Tree' that Penelope set up in April 2004 in a large public gallery in Korea.
photo of installation in gallery including clothing and suitcase. This followed her first Korean art installation of 'Portrait of a Foreign Artist in Korea', (see photo left) in February 2004 at the Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon. This installation was combined with a performance that commenced with the artist emerging from the zipped-up suitcase. The performance and installation attempted to express some of the challenges experienced by a foreign artist 'living out of a suitcase' in Korea.
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Links to some of Penelope's installation art events

posted 13/08/2009 by Penelope Thompson
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